Fairhope Living Magazine

Fairhope Living is a monthly community magazine for all the residents of Fairhope. Each month we will feature stories written by the residents, for the residents, with highlights from daily Fairhope life.

With an estimated launch date of late summer 2020, our goal is to be a positive, uplifting community magazine that connects the founding Fairhope families with the found Fairhope families. We are a platform where residents are able to connect and share common bonds through the power of storytelling.

Fairhope Living is free for the residents of Fairhope and brought to you by the hardworking businesses in Baldwin County and surrounding areas.

We are interviewing and screening potential sponsors to ensure that they can provide the types of services that you may need or want as a homeowner and resident of Fairhope. If you currently utilize a business that does excellent work, we want to hear from you. If you own or run a business and would like information on reaching your neighbors each month, contact us for advertising information.

We look forward to creating many memories with the residents of Fairhope and our sponsors through Fairhope Living!

A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Fairhope Living is an independent community publication. We are not affiliated with the City of Fairhope or The Fairhope Single Tax Colony. If you have questions regarding anything that involves the City of Fairhope or the Fairhope Single Tax Colony, please contact them directly. The Fairhope Life will be produced by N2 Publishing, the leading provider of specialty publications for residents of exclusive communities across the nation. N2 is responsible for the layout, printing, and mailing of the magazine, and our local team provides support by connecting with business sponsors, developing articles, and delivering ad publication assistance. N2 Publishing Inc., and its subsidiaires are not responsible for the content of this website.